Who Am I

WMPRICE102018Grace and shalom to you in the name above every name, the name of our Great God and Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. My name is William M. Price, and I am the founder of Jesus Is Worth It Ministries. I am an independent Apostolic servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. I have been all over the map spiritually, vacillating from one doctrinal stance to another trying to find, not just peace, but also alignment with the Word of God. I found that there are so many different variants of theology that I had to be like the Apostles, to steal away and focus on the Gospel and what was preserved through the ages, what we now know to be the Word of God.

Eventually I had to make a choice. Would I conform? Would I bow down to popularity and peer pressure? Would I be willing to let well enough alone? Would I be willing to compromise what the Bible says for what is accepted by those around me? The answer to this came at a high price, as when I began battling in my health, many forsook and left me alone, some even declaring I deserved what I got. Some even called me weak and refused to help me. So, it was me and God, a God I had sought to know for decades, that I had to face and confront what I believed and why I believed it. Would I believe what the Word says, or ignore what God has preserved for us to this day through all the attempts of crooked, corrupt men to change it? I chose the Word of God. I chose the path of the highway called the highway of Holiness. I chose Christ, and all this is because of one simple and eternal reason…

Because Jesus is worth it!

At the end of the day, the whole purpose for ministry, whether preaching or teaching is to do what we do for the glory of God alone in alignment with the Word of God because of the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ. No price, no cost is too high, because Jesus humbled Himself to pay the price I could not. It is all about Jesus, about the grace & truth that comes through Him according to the Word of God empowered by and anointed with the Holy Spirit. All, all we teach, say, and do is to be for the glory of God alone. Why? Simply put, as said before, Jesus is worth it!